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Jerzy Lechnerowski

    Date of birth:Jerzy Lechnerowski

    Councillors’ Political Club:

    Functions held in the Regional Parliament:

    • Member of the Budget Committee,
    • Member of the Physical Culture and Tourism Committee,
    • Member of the Environmental Protection and Water Management Committee
    • Member of the Spatial Planning and Technical Infrastructure Committee,
    • Member of the Regional Development Policy and International Cooperation Committee,

    Experience in local government/parliament:

    • Mayor of the City and Commune of Kórnik in 1990-1998
    • Member of the Board of the Poznań District 1998-2002
    • Mayor of the City and Commune of Kórnik in 2002-2018

    Professional experience:

    • Design Engineer at the TARPAN Agricultural Car Factory (1974-1978)
    • Deputy Transport Manager at the Foreign Enterprise Euro-Astar (1978-1979)
    • Chief Mechanization Specialist in the PGR State Agricultural Enterprise] Kórnik Conglomerate (1979-1990)


    • bridge (card game)
    • sport

    Official website/FB profile: