Regional Surveyor's Office

Carry out in particular the tasks of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region in terms of surveying and cartography related to infrastructure for spatial information.

Basic obligations of the office are primarily provided for in:

  1. The Act on Surveying and Cartography Law, with the obligations being entrusted to the Marshal of the Region as an authority in charge of surveying and cartography management. Inter alia, the entity in question shall:
    a) manage a regional surveying and cartographic resource base and verify studies (maps) that are admitted to the resource,
    b) perform and make available regional cartographic studies (with division into particular subjects),
    c) create, in accordance with the arrangements made with the Surveyor General of Poland, and manage and make available topographic databases whose accuracy allows for creating standard cartographic studies on 1:10 000 – 1:100 000 scales, including cartographic studies in terms of DTM (Digital Terrain Model) and standard cartographic studies on a 1:10 000 scale,
    d) analyse changes in agricultural structure and conduct the programming and co-ordination of equipment and agricultural works,
    e) monitor changes in the manner of using land and its classification,
    f) co-operate with the Surveyor General of Poland in managing the state registry of plot boundaries and areas of the state territorial division units with respect to regional territory,
    g) prepare regional summary of the data entered into the Registry of Land and Buildings,
  2. The Act on land consolidation and exchange, with the obligations being entrusted to the Regional Self-Government, which in particular include the co-ordination of consolidation and exchange works within the Region,
  3. The Act on infrastructure for spacial information that implements the INSPIRE Directive with respect to building and implementing an infrastructure for spacial information,
  4. Regional Development Strategy for the Wielkopolska Region related to the activities for building an Information Society by creating and developing the infrastructure for spacial information, including preparation, building, implementation, management and maintenance as well as development of the Spacial Information System of the Wielkopolska Region (SIPWW), which include:
    a) co-ordination of actions and co-operation for SIPWW with Office Departments, Regional Self-Governments, organisational units, poviates, communes, governmental administration offices, and other entities,
    b) supervision over the implementation of regional space and information management systems.

The organisational structure of the Regional Surveyor's Office includes:
– Division for Surveying and Co-ordination of equipment and agricultural works
– Regional Division for Surveying and Cartography Documentation
– Division for Spacial Information System of the Wielkopolska Region

Seat of the Regional Surveyor's Office:
ul. Kościuszki 95
61-716 Poznań
secretariat - room 102
Phone No.: +48 61 626 72 00
Fax No.: +48 61 626 72 01

Head of Office – Surveyor of the Wielkopolska Region
Hanna Mierzwiak

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