The Department of Transport

The Department of Transport is responsible for all tasks relating to regional public transport, in particular train and bus transportation. It coordinates compilation of the Wielkopolska Region Development Strategy and the regional programmes on transportation.

The Department's tasks include preparing opinions on the liquidation of railroads or their parts, preparing studies and analyses on free acquisition of liquidated railroads, and financing decisions and maintenance conditions for regional railroads. It coordinates the schedules of carriers providing passenger services for financial purposes in regular collective transportation.

The Department of Transport is responsible & liable for organization and implementation of projects, including those co-financed from structural funds of the European Union pertaining to purchase, modernization and periodic repairs of rail vehicles owned by the Wielkopolska Region.

The Department exercises continual supervision over rolling stock of the Wielkopolska Region, inter alia, by way of periodic controls of railway carriers within the scope of using leased vehicles, their exploitation and technical condition.

al. Niepodległości 34
61-714 Poznań
secretariat - room 943
Phone No.: +48 61 626 70 00
Fax No.: +48 61 626 70 01

Robert Pilarczyk

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