The Department of Sport and Tourism

The Department of Sport and Tourism creates the Region's policy on physical culture, sport, tourism and recreation. Its duties concern creating law and organisational, economic and technical conditions for developing subordinated areas of life. In order to do that, the Department manages budget resources. It also has to run a registry of objects and sports facilities in the region, supervise them, plan and implement development of the Wielkopolska Region's sport, recreational and tourist base, together with its equipment. The financial resources for that come from, among others, the Physical Culture Development Fund. Its duty is to adapt those facilities for the disabled. The Department is also responsible for international contacts concerning physical culture and tourism under the Marshal's Office's cooperation with foreign countries.

The Department of Sport and Tourism takes care of the Wielkopolska Region's sport and recreation activities. These include, among other things, regional supervision of the national system for children's' and teenagers' sport development, cooperation in conducting training for teenagers and national teams, popularising physical culture and tourism among the disabled, and supervision of training of regional sportsmen who are Polish internationals to further championships. It also organises regional, Polish and international sports events as well as examines applications for the granting of decorations, awards and distinctions for physical culture, sports and tourism activities, and the granting of sports scholarships.
The Department promotes physical culture as well as sightseeing and tourist values of the Region, supports associations acting in its area, non-commercial publications and studies on sport or tourist values of the Region. Apart from that, it is responsible for taking care of tourist trails and infrastructure and cooperates with regional self-government, tourism organisations and associations and on sightseeing propagation.

Other tasks are imposed by the tourist services act. They are, as follows, keeping of records and controlling of the companies working in the tourist industries, managing the mountain guides' licenses, coordinating hotels ratings and a register of them.

al. Niepodległości 34
61-714 Poznań
secretariat - room 932
Phone No.: +48 61 626 68 40
Fax No.: +48 61 626 68 41

Tomasz Wiktor

Deputy Director
Mariusz Kubiak

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