The Department of Environment

The department functioning as the local self-government performs tasks within the scope of the environmental protection related to shaping of the environmental protection policy as well as the promotion of ecological and environmental protection behaviours within the region.
Fundamental tasks of the Department include the:

  1. Coordination and supervision of the activities within the scope of geological works, license for prospecting, identification and extraction of mineral beds within the capabilities of the marshal of the region functioning as the geological administration body and conduct of the affairs related to issuing decisions;
  2. Performance of tasks related to the regulation of environment use, including issuing of integrated permits, permits within the scope of waste management, licenses to introduce gases and dust into the air;
  3. Management of affairs related to the implementation of the national ecological policy within the area of the region and the promotion of pro-ecological activities;
  4. Performance of tasks related the environmental fees and database management;
  5. Management of affairs within the scope of accumulation, redistribution and recovery of receivables from the entities using the environment.

al. Niepodległości 34
61 – 714 Poznań
secretariat - room 1048
Phone No.: +48 61 626 64 00
Fax No.: +48 61 626 64 01

acting Director
Marzena Andrzejewska-Wierzbicka

Deputy Director
Małgorzata Knapczyk

Regional Geologist
Eugeniusz Pluczyński



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