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Agnieszka Grzechowiak

    Date of birth:Agnieszka Grzechowiak

    Councillors’ Political Club:
    Nowa Lewica

    Functions held in the Regional Parliament:

    Deputy President of the Regional Parliament of the Wielkopolska Region

    Experience in local government/parliament:

    Councillor of the Wągrowiec district in the years 1998-2002

    Educational background:

    She graduated from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań with a master’s degree in political science and finished postgraduate studies in Occupational Health and Safety Management at the Poznań University of Economics.

    Professional experience:

    Hired at the 1st High School in Wągrowiec on an administrative position.

    Social activity:

    • She has been working for the Association of Alumni and Friends of High School No. 1 in Wągrowiec. She co-organized the visit of President Bronisław Komorowski to Wągrowiec.
    • Agnieszka Grzechowiak has been committed to Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej since the very beginning of the party. She is a member of the party’s Regional Council in Poznań and the National Council in Warsaw. During the Sejm 7th term, she was a social assistant to Romuald Ajchler, Member of the Polish Parliament.
    • She does community service for young people and pupils attending Occupational Therapy Workshops.


    history of World War II, especially the operation of the Lebensborn association, history of Judaism in Poland, sailing

    Official website/FB profile: