President of the Wielkopolska Regional Parliament


Born on 22 February 1957 in Ślesin.

Małgorzata Waszak is a graduate of geodesy and cartography at the Warsaw University of Technology and construction at the Poznań University of Technology. She has also completed postgraduate studies in real estate valuation at the Warsaw University of Technology and postgraduate studies in Law and Local Government, Management in Polish Public Administration and the Common European Administrative Space at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

Professional career
Until 1991, she worked in the Regional Office of Geodesy and Agricultural Areas in Konin, heading the production preparation department. At the same time, in 1989 - 1991, she was a teacher of vocational subjects at the Center for Continuing Education in Konin. From 1992 to the end of 1998, she managed Branch No. 1 of the Regional Center for Geodetic and Cartographic Documentation in Konin, working at the same time as a senior regional inspector in the Regional Office in Konin.

In 1999-2006, she was in charge of geodesy and cartography at the District Office in Konin, serving as a deputy head of the department and a deputy district land surveyor. At the same time, she also headed the Design Dossier Team. In 2002-2006, she was a member of the Konin City Council. At that time, she was involved in the work of the audit and budget committee.

From December 2006 to the end of November 2014, she was a Deputy Konin District Governor, and then the Konin District Governor. In 2015, Małgorzata Waszak was appointed Director of the District Center for Geodetic and Cartographic Documentation in Poznań and has been serving this function until now. At the same time, in 2014-2018, she was a Wielkopolska Region councillor, heading the Education and Science Committee. In 2018, she was reelected a regional councillor. She is a President of the Regional Parliament of the Wielkopolska Region.

Additional information
Małgorzata Waszak has professional qualifications in the field of geodesy and cartography in areas 1 and 2. In 2002, Małgorzata Waszak obtained a licence of an internal auditor of quality management systems. Since 2007, she has been a member of the Social Council of the Regional Integrated Hospital in Konin. In 2008-2014, she was the President of “Marina” Local Tourist Organization in Konin, founded by her. Małgorzata Waszak initiated the development of a project for the economic development of the Konin region called “Konin Agglomeration”. Since 2015, she has been a member of the board of the Wielkopolska Association of District Land Surveyors in Poznań.

Małgorzata Waszak has been awarded for her involvement in public life with, among others:

  • Honorary Badge for Merits for Local Government by the Minister of Administration and Digitization,
  • Honorary Badge for Merits for the City of Konin,
  • Silver Medal for Merits for National Defense by the Minister of National Defense,
  • Silver Medal of the Association of Volunteer Fire Brigades of the Republic of Poland for merits for firefighting,
  • Cross for Merits for the Association of the War Disabled of the Republic of Poland,
  • Golden Honorary LZS Badge awarded by the Council of the Wielkopolska Association of People’s Sports Teams,
  • Honorary Sybirak Badge by the President of the Board of the Association of Poles Exiled to Siberia.

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