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The tasks of the Board of the region

    The Board of the Region performs the tasks assigned to regional self-government that are not restricted to Regional Parliament and regional self-government organisational units. The Board of the Region is the executive body of the region.

    The tasks of the board of the region particularly include:

    • Execution of the regulations of the Regional Parliament,
    • Management of regional estates, including execution of rights from shares and stocks held by the region,
    • Preparation of projects for the regional budget and the execution thereof,
    • Preparation of the draft regional development strategies, the spatial management plan, the regional programmes, and their execution thereof,
    • Organisation of cooperation with the regional self-government structures in other countries and international region associations,
    • Management, coordination and control of the activity of regional self-government organisational units, including the appointment and dismissal of their managers,
    • Adoption of the organisational regulations of the Marshal's Office.

    The principles and mode of operation of the Board of the Region are determined by Regional Statute.

    The Board of the Region performs the tasks assigned to the region with the assistance of the Marshal's Office and the regional self-government organisational units or regional legal entities.