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The Marshal’s Cabinet

    The tasks of the Marshal’s Cabinet include providing organizational and substantive support to the Marshal of the Region, organizing national holidays, celebrations and other special events, handling applications for the Marshal's honorary patronage and participation in Honorary Committees.

    The Cabinet is responsible for social communication as part of creating the image of the Self-Government of the Wielkopolska Region by organizing exhibitions, preparing publications as well as conducting information and promotional campaigns.

    The Marshal’s Cabinet liaises with NGOs and other institutions as regards the Marshal’s public activities. It is in charge of making arrangements for official visits of the Government’s representatives and cooperates with diplomatic and consular officers. The Cabinet supports the Marshal’s cooperation with public and government administration, Members of the Parliament, councillors, social and political institutions, trade unions, bodies of district and commune self-government, regional and national self-government organizations and veterans’ associations.


    al. Niepodległości 34
    61-714 Poznań
    secretariat - room 760
    Phone No.: +48 61 626 66 70
    Fax No.: +48 61 626 66 71

    Tomasz Grudziak

    Deputy Director
    Karolina Wojciechowska