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The Department of Infrastructure

    The Department is responsible for preparing the Region's spatial policy. Its main duty is to prepare projects for the Marshal and the Board of the Region on agreements over local plans and studies of communes' spatial development, together with draft decisions on land development and locations for public purpose investments.

    What is more, the Department carries out works related to roads, road traffic and road safety. It supervises the Wielkopolska Region Road Authority and the Regional Road Traffic Centre which not only does national driving license exams for all categories but also runs courses for professional drivers of different specialities, road safety improvement training, and popularises traffic regulations and training for drivers who repeatedly infringe traffic regulations.

    The Department of Infrastructure also manages the power industry and gas works. In this case, it prepares projects for the Board of the Region in which it gives opinions on the power industry's developmental plans in the context of meeting current and future needs for gas, electricity or heat. It also coordinates communes' assumptions concerning plans for heat, electricity and gas supplies so they are consistent with Poland's energy policy. This Department also examines energy companies' proposals for granting, withdrawing or changing licenses.


    al. Niepodległości 34
    61-714 Poznań
    secretariat - room 1155
    Phone No.: +48 61 626 70 50
    Fax No.: +48 61 626 70 51

    Agnieszka Kubiakowska- Michalak

    Deputy Director
    Krzysztof Krzysztofiak