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The Department of Culture

    The Department of Culture supports regional culture and protects national heritage (including monuments) in the Wielkopolska region by ensuring correct legal, organisational and financial conditions. It coordinates the self-governments' cultural institutions and cooperates with public benefit organisations which work in the area of culture and the arts.

    The Department organises and conducts cultural education through the subordinated regional cultural institutions. By their agency, it collects and makes public valuable works of art; it creates real chances for amateur artistic and folklore groups' development, and intensifies knowledge of the arts. The Department's works should arouse and fulfil cultural interests as well as promote Wielkopolska culture outside the region and even outside the country.

    The Department implements tasks on creating and liquidating cultural institutions, their financing and preparation of statutes for them. It also acts as a patron of arts for a number of Wielkopolska cultural institutions not only by financing them, but also by promoting and supporting them with its long standing experience.

    The Department of Culture is also responsible for the implementation of procedures on the granting of awards and scholarships by the Marshal in the arts and for popularising and protecting cultural heritage.

    Department’s structure includes Wielkopolska website:, which provides opinions and information on phenomena and events related to broadly understood culture.

    The Department also works for cultivating Polishness and developing and shaping the national, civic, and cultural identity of the Wielkopolska region's inhabitants.


    al. Niepodległości 34
    61-714 Poznań
    secretariat - room 333
    Phone No.: +48 61 626 68 80
    Fax No.: +48 61 626 68 81

    Włodzimierz Mazurkiewicz

    Deputy Director
    Grażyna Brzezińska