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The Department of Control

    The Department conducts internal inspections of the organizational units of the Office, regional local government organizational units and other entities performing the tasks of the regional local government and non-governmental organizations covered by the Act on Public Benefit Activity and Volunteer Work, with reference to the use of subsidies granted by the regional local government. The Department also conducts inspections of entrepreneurs with respect to the hotel services they provide, as well as inspections of entrepreneurs covered by the entry in the register of personal and payroll file keepers. The Department coordinates the preparation and develops a draft annual plan of inspections carried out by the Marshal Office departments. It analyzes post-inspection materials, develops and gives opinions, among others, on draft post-inspection statements and notifications to the Spokesman for Public Finance Discipline (as developed by substantive departments).

    The Control Department develops summary information on the controls carried out by the Marshal Office and the outcomes of the, and on the  controls carried out in the Office by external control bodies, and develops draft responses to control recommendations directed by external control bodies.

    The department also holds a register of authorizations to carry out inspections.


    al. Niepodległości 34
    61–714 Poznań
    secretariat – room 361
    Phone No.: +48 61 626 67 70
    Fax No.: +48 61 626 67 71

    Mariusz Lewandowski

    Deputy Director
    Wojciech Kulak

    European Funds Ombudsman 
    Anna Ratajczak