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The Department for the European Social Fund Implementation

    The Department is the executive body of the Management Board of the Wielkopolska Region acting as the Managing Authority for the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program and the Funds for Wielkopolska 2021-2027 Programme. The tasks of the Department include in particular: conducting recruitment procedures and evaluating applications for co-financing, concluding contracts for co-financing selected projects, monitoring the implementation of co-financed operations, e.g. by accepting changes in projects and their control, settling expenses incurred by beneficiaries, as well as developing documents for beneficiaries and providing information on the principles of project selection and implementation. The main areas covered by the support provided by the Department include issues related to the labor market, professional activation, education, social economy and social services.

    The European Social Fund is a tool for enhancing social and economic cohesion, responding to labor and social challenges, and stimulating sustainable economic development by investing in human capital.


    al. Niepodległości 18
    61-713 Poznań
    secretariat - room 142 C
    Phone No.: 61 626 73 00
    Fax No: 61 626 73 01

    Please direct all correspondence to the department to the following address:
    Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region,
    Department for the European Social Fund Implementation,
    al. Niepodległości 34, 61-714 Poznań

    Sylwia Wójcik

    Deputy Director
    Kamila Orzechowska

    Deputy Director
    Alicja Konatowska

    Deputy Director
    Milena Matysek