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    Rail, bus and air transport.
    Electric multiple unit type 48WE The total length of railway lines on which passenger transport is carried out in the Wielkopolska Region is 1,893 km. The condition of the railway infrastructure is not satisfactory and it is necessary to modernize and revitalize many lines as quickly as possible, it will increase their capacity and allow travelers to travel faster in the region.

    Interior of the electric multiple unit type 48WE

    Each year, the local government of the Wielkopolska Regional Government allocates more and more funds to the organization of regional passenger transport. The Regional Government successively purchases new rolling stock, carries out periodic repairs (revision and major) and modernizes vehicles. Currently, the Wielkopolska Region owns a total of 73 vehicles, including 49 electric multiple units for electrified lines (10 48WE series vehicles, 5 48WEb series vehicles, 22 EN76 series vehicles, 5 EN57AL series vehicles, 7 EN57AKW series vehicles) and 24 rail buses with combustion drive for traffic on non-electrified lines (3 SA139 series vehicles, 10 SA132 series vehicles, 2 SA134 series vehicles, 7 SA108 series vehicles, 2 SA105 series vehicles). Our fleet is adapted to transport disabled people in wheelchairs and bicycles, and is equipped with a modern passenger information system, a monitoring system, air conditioning and defibrillators.


    So far, approximately PLN 1.2 billion has been allocated for the purchase and modernization of rolling stock, including EU funds - over PLN 440 million, the Wielkopolska Region's own funds - PLN 703 million, and the state budget – more than PLN 28 million.

    Interior of the SA139

    The above rolling stock is used to provide provincial rail passenger transport by public rail transport operators (Carriers) on the basis of public service agreements concluded with the Organizer, i.e. the Wielkopolska Region. The operators are: Koleje Wielkopolskie sp. z o.o. which had 70 vehicles leased and Polregio S.A. which had 3 vehicles leased.  

    In 2023, with the permission of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region, there were 268 regular bus lines and 233 special lines (school and employee transport). The total number of lines in the Wielkopolska Region, after taking into account commune, district and interregional transport, is much greater.

    The “window to the world” for the Wielkopolska Region is the Henryk Wieniawski Poznań-Ławica airport. After the pandemic, the number of passengers using its services has been systematically increasing. In 2023 2,789,962 people were checked in and it was possible to fly out of Poznan in 82 directions.

    The existence of an airport, easily accessible and offering many convenient direct and transfer connections, is one of the most important factors determining the competitive advantage of regions. Access to air transport is also one of the most important criteria determining the quality of life in a given region, and is a condition for choosing a given region as an investment location. In 2023, the Port continued development investments, such as: construction of a 4 MW photovoltaic power plant, modernization of taxiways, purchase of X-ray equipment for baggage security inspection, modernization of the control system and monitoring navigation lighting.

    In the Wielkopolska Region, there are also six smaller airports with sports and service functions (in Bednary, Kobylnica, Kąkolewo, Michałków near Ostrów Wielkopolski, in Strzyżewice near Leszno and Żerniki) and 48 landing fields.
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