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Monitor Wielkopolski

    monitor wielkopolski'Monitor Wielkopolski' is a monthly magazine of the Wielkopolska Regional Government. It is added to 'Głos Wielkopolski' and 'Gazeta Wyborcza' newspapers every second Friday of the month. It is printed in ca. 150 thousand copies. Each month, several hundred free copies of the magazine are presented to local governments in Wielkopolska, Members of Parliament, institutions subordinated to the regional government and other regional governments. Current and back issues of the magazine are also available at

    'Monitor Wielkopolski' is issued under the resolution of the Wielkopolska Regional Parliament of 28 February 2000. The resolution specified the objectives of the magazine, its target readers, general principles of organisation and established its Social Programme Board. Currently the Programme Board is composed of Adam Cukier, Zbigniew Czerwiński, Marek Gola, Krzysztof Grabowski, Zofia Itman, Tatiana Sokołowska. The main purpose of the Board is to shape the profile and programme policy of the magazine.

    The editorial staff of 'Monitor Wielkopolski' are a part of the organisational structure of the Chancellery of the Regional Parliament. Bernadeta Ignasiak was the magazine's first editor-in-chief. From September 2003 to 31 January 2006, the editorial team was chaired by Jacek Bartkowiak, who was later replaced by Ryszard Jałoszyński. Since May 2007, Artur Boiński has been acting editor-in-chief.

    The first issue of 'Monitor' was printed at the end of May 2001. The magazine was initially published by the Wielkopolska Promotion and Information Centre, then by the Interregional Trade & Cooperation Centre 'Wielkopolska', and subsequently by the European Integration Centre in Rokosowo. Since January 2008, it has been published by the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region – Regional Parliament's Chancellery

    By means of a resolution of 29 September 2003, the Regional Parliament of the Wielkopolska Region changed the statute of the magazine, adapting it to its new tasks. In accordance with the suggestion of the Social Programme Board, the most significant change was to address the magazine 'to the inhabitants of Wielkopolska' (rather than 'to local administration and people related to local governments and the Wielkopolska Regional Government'). As a result, in the years 2005-2006 'Monitor Wielkopolski' was published as a 12-page insert to 'Gazeta Poznańska' newspaper. From December 2006 to January 2010, 'Monitor Wielkopolski' was distributed as an insert to 'Głos Wielkopolski', and later to 'Gazeta Wyborcza'. Following the changes introduced in 2010, 'Monitor' has been distributed with both of these newspapers with a different graphic design, and has now 16 pages.

    Pursuant to the statute of the magazine, its objective is to present the issues related to the operation of the local administration in the area of the Wielkopolska Region, in particular:

    • to communicate the concept of self-government in Wielkopolska,
    • to inform about the work of the Regional Parliament and its committees,
    • to present the measures undertaken by local governments in the region,
    • to popularise the initiatives of local administration,
    • to develop social, economic and cultural bonds in the region,
    • to present the experiences of local governments in other countries,
    • to popularise knowledge about local administration,
    • to present the members of the Regional Parliament,
    • to inform about the work of the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region,

    Monitor Wielkopolski
    al. Niepodległości 34, 61-714 Poznań
    Room 842
    tel./fax: +48 61 626 70 36