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Marshal office

    The Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poland acts as the subsidiary body of the Board of Region and Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region. The Marshal Office consists in 21 Departments and 11 Offices, cooperating in performing their duties with the Regional Parliament and its Commissions, Board, regional self-governmental organizational units, governmental and self-governmental administration and socio-economic organizations.

    The Departments and Offices draw-up draft charters, rules and regulations, ordinances and instructions as well as draft resolution of the Regional Parliament and Board of Region. These are also the authorities competent for conducting the administrative proceedings and drawing-up draft decisions in the individual cases as well as drawing-up draft agreements and arrangements, including for performance of public tasks.

    Cooperation with the Treasurer of the Wielkopolska Region in drawing-up draft budget and budget performance surveillance is a significant joint task of the Departments and Offices. The Departments initiate the cooperation with the regional self-government structures in the other countries and international regional associations.