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Łukasz Grabowski

    Date of birth:Łukasz Grabowski

    Councillors’ Political Club:
    Prawo i Sprawiedliwość

    Functions held in the Regional Parliament:

    • Councillor of the Wielkopolska Region (Greater Poland Voivodeship),
    • Member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development,
    • Member of the Audit Committee
    • Member of the Spatial Planning and Technical Infrastructure Committee.

    Experience in local government/parliament:

    • Councillor of the Commune and Town of Witkowo (2010-2016),
    • Serving as Mayor of the Commune and the Town of Witkowo 15.01.2016 - 28.03.2016
    • Chairman of the Poviat Council concerning Public Benefit Activity 1.02.2015-31.12.2016 (Gniezno poviat)

    Professional experience:

    • Head of KRUS (Farmers’ Social Security Fund) Regional Branch in Poznan since 2016 - currently
    • Director of the Office of the Deputy Tadeusz Dziuba 2013-2016
    • Assistant to the Deputy Chairman of the Wielkopolska Regional Parliament - Marshal's Office of the Wielkopolska Region 2007-2014
    • Graduate of Law at SWPS University (University of Social Sciences and Humanities), Labour Law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Organization and Management in Public Administration at the University of Economics in Poznan.


    • literature,
    • history,
    • psychology,

    Official website/FB profile: