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Education and Science

    Education – the Source of Success
    Wielkopolska is one of the most dynamically developing educational and university centres in Poland. The scientific education scientific presentationpotential of the region cannot be overestimated.

    There are over 4,500 different educational institutions, in Poznań itself the number of students of universities and colleges fluctuates around 150,000 – 200,000, depending on the year. This makes Poznań the third largest academic centre in the country. Moreover, apart from Poznań, there are independent colleges in Leszno, Piła, Jarocin, Konin, Gniezno and Kalisz.


    Only Prestigious Universities
    Poznań universities and colleges apply flexible methods of education and introduce new specialisations attracting students from Poland and abroad. They cooperate with well-known European and world universities exchanging educational experiences and teaching staff.
    The best known state-owned university in Wielkopolska is Adam Mickiewicz University. The University's high level of education is confirmed by the assessments of the State Committee for Scientific Research and prestigious prizes awarded by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland. Also, many of the University's graduates are known for their professional successes. Poznań University of Economics attracts students with its prestige, as well as rich curriculum. The University's research is co-funded by the Committee for European Integration, thanks to which the institution can implement a range of advanced educational projects. Some of the well-known Polish research units attached to the University include the Regional Economy Research Centre, Regional Statistics Centre, Family Studies Centre, Centre for Expertise and Science of Commodities and Centre for Economic ExpertiseColegium Iuridicum Novum.
    Whereas Poznań University of Technology is the only university of technology in Poland and the third in Central-Eastern Europe to have become a member of the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER). Owing to the University of Technology the Wielkopolska region is known in the country and in the world for its well-qualified engineers and the University itself enjoys the popularity and respect of young people from all over Poland who want the school to be a part of their future.
    Also, the scientific activity of the Poznań University of Life Sciences is extremely useful to the region's economy. The University is the source of many initiatives to update and increase the efficiency of the region's agriculture. Thanks to the University's efforts new technologies are being introduced in the food processing sector, and the institution cooperates with foreign centres and the State Committee for Scientific Research in this respect.


    Cooperation with Foreign Institutions
    Research conducted by Poznań scholars and scientists in many different fields is on the highest world level and the results are often taken into account by the most distinguished foreign researchers. We can boast of very well developed cooperation with many centres throughout the world. Poznań professors very often conduct research and give lectures at American, Asiatic and European universities. Many of them have been awarded honorary doctorates of western universities and are members of foreign Academies of Sciences. The office of the department of the Polish Academy of Sciences, its units and numerous departmental institutes and research centres located in Wielkopolska support the activity of the Poznań world of research and science.
    In order to strengthen and enrich the cooperation with foreign universities and colleges, the self-government of the Wielkopolska region cooperates with five partner regions: Brandenburg, Brittany, Lower Saxony, Hesse and the region of Emilia-Romagna. Owing to this cooperation the level of education, as well as professional training, is continuously increasing and students can develop their interests by taking part in youth exchanges carried out as part of international educational projects.