We invest in the investor
Wielkopolska, located in the West-Central part of Poland, occupies the area of 30 thousand km2 and it is second in size, out of 16 regions in the country. There are 3.4 million residents living there. Wielkopolska keeps its well-deserved status of a region enjoying high interest among investors – both foreign and domestic ones. The main assets attracting investment projects are: the perfect location, stable and well-developed economy, rich institutional and business support and – which may be the most important – highly qualified and skill-varied personnel. The connection of Solaris Bus & Coach Factoryscience, economy and local government creates favourable conditions for the entrepreneurship based on knowledge and innovations. The support is also granted to creative sectors, which increase competitiveness efficiently and realistically, help to shape the awareness of the recipients as well as the public space.

The economic panorama of the region now contains famous global and European companies, which invest in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors as well as in transportation means and machines and equipment sectors. Foreign investments in the financial sector and trading are also significant. More and more investments in Wielkopolska are made by the companies from the Business Process Outsourcing sector. The region received investments from theUnilever Factory German, French, Japanese, Irish and English capitals.

In Wielkopolska, over 560 ha of land is covered by Special Economic Zones, where pro-investment instruments of financial politics are applied, such as: lowering the rates of local taxes and implementing 5-year-long absolute exemption from real estate tax for investors. It is important to note the initiative of clusters functioning in Wielkopolska in such industries as: aviation, industrial automation, heating, tourism, IT and ICT, printing and advertising industry, foods and biotechnology. As regards the support provided to the clusters by the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region, there are thematic workshop meetings extending the cooperation between the members of the Cluster Initiative and the cluster itself, meetings tightening the cooperation with the knowledge offerers, connections increasing innovation along with the growth of knowledge and technology distribution, as well as studies and analyses prepared concerning the growth of competitiveness of the given network connection. Presence in the cluster means that it is possible to directly co-shape the environment they operate in. It also gives the chance to adapt local environment to the needs reported by the entities and it guarantees higher stability and predictability of operating conditions.

Poznan University of Medical SciencesThe companies launching their activity in the region may count on support, ranging from subsidies, through a wide range of financial instruments to the assistance in locating and developing new investments which create new jobs. The authorities of the Region undertook a range of activities intended to increase competitiveness of the companies through creating conditions that benefit the establishment and development of innovative companies and technologies as well as the commercialization of research results.

The residents of our region willingly reach for modern technologies, they are developing, passionately shaping their daily lives and their future. Wielkopolska, which has been perceived until now through qualities such as credibility, diligence, but also a certain level of conservatism, is now becoming a region of incredibly creative and open-minded people.

Very well-developed furniture, agricultural-foods or IT sectors in Wielkopolska choose innovation. We facilitate establishing contacts with the most renowned specialists and experts in modern technologies and design, what allows us to transfer the experiences gathered by the entrepreneurs to our local companies. Wielkopolska's companies, including SMEs, open themselves to our activities, being aware of the fact that very soon it will be the industrial design that will decide on their economic success. We have well-educated personnel in the region and we wish to give these people the skills and tools which will allow them to develop their own companies. Due to the activities we undertake, e.g. the organisation of the Global Days of Innovation, we show the best regional and international examples in the culture of innovation.

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