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Coat of Arms and Flag of the Region

    Flag of the RegionThe coat of arms of the Wielkopolska Region is gules, an eagle displayed argent, wings charged with trefoils, beak to dexter, legs and band on tail Or, in field gules on heater shield escutcheon.

    The eagle refers to king Przemysław II (1257-1296) and his majesty's seal from his times as a duke. The eagle appeared first in 1290, five years before crowning, and was well-associated with the old Polish Piast dynasty already back then.

    The flag of the Wielkopolska Region is a right trapezium, per pale gules and argent, square dexter charged with eagle (as in the coat of arms).

    The coat of arms is the main graphic sign of the Wielkopolska Region. It is used without limitations in promotional materials and official documents of the Board of Region and the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region.