Wielkopolska, a Region in the Heart of Europe

active tourism kayaksWielkopolska combines in itself many elements of contemporary life. It is a place for both business and for charming weekends or longer holidays. Wielkopolska is lakes, forests, monuments and culture with a capital C. Moreover, there is also magical Poznań, with its colleges and universities attracting thousands of young people from all over Poland every year.

The Wielkopolska region is one of the biggest in the country. It has an area of around
30,000 km² and its inhabitants number up to 3,400,000. Poznań, the capital city of Wielkopolska, is the biggest city, with Kalisz, Konin, Piła, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Gniezno, Leszno coming next.


Innovative Wielkopolska - "The Biggest Companies Invest Here"

industry in the WielkopolskaThe commercial companies with foreign capital operating in the Wielkopolska Region invested the most in the foods industry, but also in chemical industry, production of electric equipment, means of transport, machines, as well as paper processing and printing. The activity of foreign investors hand an impact on modernizing the plants and upgrading the technology. A large number of Wielkopolska's products has already obtained international quality standards. Fast economic growth makes the experts include the voivodship in the group of three regions with the highest investment attractiveness in the whole country. The deciding factors include: good communication location, extensive business environment and support, receptive market, high development level of the industry and the dynamics of the transformation process. Moreover, the German experts assessed that Poznań belongs to the cities with the highest investment attraction in the Central-Eastern Europe. It is then no wonder than the list of international concerns that operate here includes such renowned companies as: Volkswagen AG, Bridgestone Corporation Fundusz GEI belonging to Cofra Concern, Competence centre Open Text, EDP Renewables, Honda, Hempel, Nestle, GlaxoSmithKline, Samsung Elektronics Poland Manufacturing Sp. z o.o., Joskin Polska, Telcordia Arvato Services Polska, Franklin Templeton Investments, MAN Accounting Centre, Microsoft Innovation Centre, Carlsberg Financial Services, Royal Philips Electronics, Exide Technologies.


We Choose Education and Tourism

Oaks in the WielkopolskaThe opening to the West is also reflected in the field of education. More and more schools and universities offering modern specialisations are being established, attracting students from other countries. The best well-known centre of education is Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. The teaching staff there consist of the best specialists in their respective fields, the graduates achieve many successes in their professional life and not infrequently hold important social offices. The prestige and respect the University enjoys now cannot be overrated.
Apart from the dynamic development of infrastructure, Wielkopolska can also pride itself on its picturesque landscapes and numerous tourist attractions. The Warta River flows through the greater part of the region and there are over a thousand lakes in central and northern Wielkopolska. There are forests around them where tourists can walk or cycle along many bicycle paths and enjoy the abundance of berries and mushrooms. To the south of Poznań there is the Wielkopolska National Park, which was established on account of the original post-glacial landscape.

Wielkopolska will surprise you!

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